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About Edellie

Edellie, a young Swiss brand realized there was a need for quality jewelry, that could provide unique designs, superior materials, and style but with reasonable, realistic prices. And this is what Edellie is committed to providing: making quality design jewelry accessible to any person that wants and deserves to wear hand-picked designs crafted of noble materials to enjoy the feel of a precious piece of jewelry.

Edellie boutique was opened in the middle of July in one of Geneva’s great locations; quai du General Guisan 12, Next to the Rue de Rhone, facing the lake. A great selection of elegant designs and a wonderful atmosphere make the boutique a positive experience for our clients.

The concept of elegance has been the subject of the major philosophical debates, and its significance is said to outreach the aesthetical meaning we commonly attribute to it. Whether be it a lifestyle or merely an external image, there are some fundamental and undeniable attributes that converge on the word elegance: grace, simplicity, and distinction. With a deep understanding of what elegance is, Edellie offers a gorgeous variety of fine jewelry pieces to let your style show up with absolute delicacy.