Mira Sadi

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About Mira Sadi

Launched in 2014, MSJ by Mira S. Designs provides the world of contemporary jewelry with timeless creations that are inspired by life.
Comprised of rose gold, sterling silver, and diamond stone settings, all MSJ designs are handmade in limited quantity, complying with its culture of uniqueness and self-expression.I wanted to create center pieces. To allow each and every ornament to speak for itself. I wanted to allow women to achieve what I aspire to every time I dress up; contradiction, individuality, and self-expression.  – Mira S.In line with its slogan of “Giving Back Never Looked So Good ”, MSJ by Mira S. designs strives to provide the fashion industry with ethically produced designs that not only uphold high human and environmental ethics but also contribute to their positive development through their support for globally unbiased causes.

In adherence with its core values, each MSJ collection aims to promote core messages about life, hoping that one may begin to integrate them into their lives. Elaborating on such, MSJ introduces select not-for- profit designs, with the objective of raising funds for global causes.

We are introducing a new way of being fashionable.