White diamond

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Fantasy diamond earings

3,730.00 CHF

Bow diamond ring

1,745.00 CHF

Pearl with diamonds ring

1,095.00 CHF

Infinity diamonds ring

1,080.00 CHF

round diamond ring

1,259.00 CHF

Diamond arrow ring

530.00 CHF

Spiral diamond ring

1,920.00 CHF

V gold and diamonds ring

1,530.00 CHF

V point diamonds ring

1,040.00 CHF

V cluster diamonds ring

1,479.00 CHF

One diamonds necklace

855.00 CHF

Diamond rhombus bracelet

1,485.00 CHF

Diamond wave bracelet

980.00 CHF

Diamond wave bracelet

980.00 CHF

Diamond oval bracelet

1,540.00 CHF