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Terms & Conditions

1. Preamble

In the following Terms and Conditions, we refer to our company as Edellie, us, the website, we, etc. However, the legal entity that takes all commitments on behalf of the website, or Edellie, is the following:

Bijoux Zone S.A.
Physical address: 12, Quay du General -Guisan 1204, Geneva, Switzerland
Vat number: CHE 289.186.143.TVA

2. Terms and Conditions

Please, read the Terms and Conditions (“terms”), before using Edellie. The following terms regulate the sales of items featured on Edellie (the “website,” “us,” “we,” “our”), as well as the utilization of our website by our visitors and buyers (“clients,” “you,” “customers”).

By viewing and shopping on our website, you are tacitly accepting the terms and conditions explained below. Edellie may update these terms from time to time at its sole discretion; therefore we recommend you to check this page frequently to be aware of any recent changes we may have made.

These terms are valid until terminated by Edellie, which is entitled to terminate them without prior notice, at any time.

3. Applicable Laws

Edellie has been designed to comply with the laws and regulations of Switzerland. If your use of our website is contrary to the legislation from the place where you access Edellie, we kindly ask you to avoid using it. If by visiting our website or purchasing our products you violate any laws of your jurisdiction, you are the only responsible for such violation.

By using our website you agree to comply with the applicable laws and regulations regarding your utilization of Edellie and your purchase of items through it.

The laws of Switzerland govern these terms and conditions as well as your use of our website. You irrevocably consent the jurisdiction of the courts located in Geneva, Switzerland if any legal action or claim arose out of our Terms and Conditions of your utilization of our website.

4. Prices, Currencies and Taxes

a. Prices

All prices displayed on Edellie are the prices that apply at the time of placing an order (time of purchase). These prices may be subject to modification without prior notice. Such changes will not affect those orders which we have already accepted.

We strive to avoid information, spelling, and pricing errors, constantly checking that prices have been entered correctly. However, if while checking an order we find an error, buyers will be immediately notified by e-mail and will receive our help to replace the order correctly. In case of not being able to contact the buyer, the order will be automatically rejected.

b. Currencies

You can select that the prices to be displayed in CHF, EUR or USD.

Orders placed in Switzerland will be billed in CHF, while orders from abroad will be billed in EUR, USD, or CHF as selected by the client.

c. Taxes and duties

Prices displayed include VAT charged by Switzerland and do not include any local taxes or customs duties charged by the recipient´s country.

In some countries, taxes and customs duties may apply – these will be entire responsibility of the buyer, not being included in Edellie´s prices. We suggest clients to verifying taxes or additional costs may apply before placing an order.

5. Orders Placing and Processing

a. Items in stock

For all items in stock the client shall add to cart all desired items and do through checkout process. Please note that all items added to cart are not reserved until the checkout process is completed and may be purchased by other clients.

Upon completion of checkout process you will receive notification email which is a mere acknowledgement that we have received your order, but it does not confirm our acceptance of your offer to buy the products.

We will check your payment and other details, ship your order as promptly as possible and notify you by sending you email “Your order is complete”.

If we are for any reason unable to complete your order we will promptly notify you by email and reimburse you any amounts paid or unblock any amounts blocked by us on your account.

b. Payment

We accept the following payment methods:
– Debit and credit cards
– Paypal
– Bank transfer to the company´s account indicated on the checkout page.

c. Items out of stock and pre-orders

If the item are not in stock you can request us to notify you when the item will be available by pressing the button “Notify me” on the product page. We will contact you as soon as the item will be in stock or offer you to pre-order the item and agree upon the approximate delivery date and other details. Upon your confirmation we will make pre-order available for you for the selected item on our website, so you can complete the order, which will be sent and delivered on the agreed date.

6. Shiping and Delivery

We make our best effort to process each orders promptly. Items will be delivered within one week to any European country. Outside Europe, items make take longer to arrive at the destination, up to two weeks.

In case any delay occurred while processing an order, Edellie will inform clients.

The clients wishing to pick up the purchased item at our store in Geneva can do so by choosing this option at the checkout. Upon successful order completion. we will confirm the availability of your item. To protect you from fraud we can ask you to provide us details you entered during checkout before handing your purchase at the store.

NOTE: Countries prohibiting import of precious metals.

In some countries, it is expressly forbidden to enter items containing precious metals. Once orders are placed, we check shipping address to verify if the country of the recipient is on the list of countries in which entering precious metals is not allowed. If that were the case, the total amount paid would be reimbursed to the client.

7. Returns and Cancellations

a. General

We only refund returned items if the original tags were not removed and are not damaged.

If any of the tags are missing, or we have any reason to believe that the Products have been altered or are imitation of the Products or were not purchased directly from us, we will not accept the return and will return the Products back to you.
All notifications in relation to Returns and Cancellations must be sent to us on our email [email protected]

b. Cancellation at buyer’s convenience

Clients are entitled to return their items within a maximum of seven days from the date of receipt of the merchandise, properly notifying us and claiming for a refund. In the case of returning the purchased jewelry items, clients will be reimbursed the cost of the items after deducting the both shipping costs.

c. Return of Damaged Goods

Although we strictly verify the conditions of all items, harm could occur during handling and shipment.

In the case of receiving damaged goods, the buyer should notify us, claim for a refund and send the items back within 3 days after receipt. The company will pay for the shipping expenses, and make a full reimbursement of the paid price. Money will be reimbursed through Paypal, credited to the credit card the buyer used to pay for the items, through bank transfer or any other means, as agreed with the buyer.

d. Replacement of Damaged Goods

Clients can opt to ask for a replacement of the defective goods, in which case our company needs to be notified and receive the replacement claim no more than 3 days after having received the items. Edellie will pay for all involved shipment costs.

8. Items Images

We strive to upload the most accurate product images possible. However, colours can appear in different tones than the original or may vary when seen on a different computer, mobile device screen or printer prints. The items images are not contractually binding.

9. Privacy Policy

At Edellie, we take the privacy of our clients very seriously. None of the information given to us by our customers will be shared or sold to third-parties.

10. Conduct on The Site

Some features on Edellie may require registration. By registering or entering any personal information, you agree to provide accurate, true, and complete information about yourself.

You may be required to choose a password. You are the only responsible for protecting your password, and you will be responsible for any act, omission, statement or transactions that may occur through the utilization of your password. We assume that any communication received under your password has been made by you unless notified otherwise.

11. Copyrights

All images, texts, or multimedia apps, graphics, interfaces, code, and overall existing content at our website are protected by copyright laws, and shall not be downloaded and used for personal or commercial use without our express consent.