Every girl dreams of the day when she will proudly display a diamond ring on her finger. From the time the engagement is announced, or from your wedding day, your diamond ring is worn constantly, so in reality, it does become your best friend. Once it’s on your finger, it stays put and is only taken off for cleaning.

Many couples prefer to buy a traditional round-shaped brilliant cut diamond for their engagement ring. However, there are several other non-round fancy shapes that can be considered as well. You may be drawn to a pear- shaped, emerald, or princess cut, marquise, or a heart shaped cut diamond, as every diamond is cut to different specifications that results in the stone’s appearance.

What makes diamonds special?

A diamond is a precious stone consisting of a clear and typically colorless crystalline form of pure carbon and is the hardest naturally occurring substance. The way it sparkles after being perfectly cut makes this gem irresistible. Diamonds are usually cut to maximize their light return with the facets on the pavilion (underside) coming to meet at a point. Others, such as emerald cuts, highlight the diamonds clarity and feature parallel facets on the pavilion.

There are four C’s that are used universally for describing diamonds, Cut, Clarity, Color, and Carat. The various shapes of diamonds are often confused with the cut. The term of ‘Cut’ refers to the way light is reflected throughout the stone through its facet arrangement, as the cut determines the light refraction and the stones sparkling luster.

The clarity of the diamond refers to the natural inclusions and blemishes trapped within and on top of the diamond as it forms. An inclusion can be a structural imperfection like a tiny crack (feather) which has a cloudy appearance within the diamond. Inclusions may also be tiny crystals formed within before the diamond reaches the earth surface. A blemish is a characteristic that appears on the stones surface. This all affects the final clarity grading of the diamond.

There are not many diamonds without imperfections and through rarity they sell at a very high price. Color, refers to the natural body color and not to the colors that flash when a diamond moves. Edellie Geneva jewellery boutique has beautiful diamond rings for your selection, or view online from the comfort of your home.