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Emeralds and diamonds are one of the most beautiful jewellery combinations. The brilliance of the diamond complements the magnificent green of an emerald when set in necklaces, earrings, rings, and bracelets. This is the time of the year for parties and other festivities and when you are looking for perfect gifts for those you love.  Emeralds and diamonds given are always appreciated and treasured by the receiver.

The early civilizations were enchanted with the green hue of the emerald and held it as a symbol of fertility, peace, and growth. Often worn by royalty and celebrities from as early as the first century BC when the Egyptian king Ptolemy had a portrait made with emerald of the Roman general Lucullus and presented it to him. Cleopatra claimed emeralds were her favourite gem, and Emperor Nero liked to watch the gladiator fights through an emerald lens. Many emeralds and diamonds were also included in the Russian Crown Jewels.

Emerald Cut Stones

Many emeralds are cut in a fashion known as “emerald cut” a style that is also popular for cutting many other precious gems as well. Originally, this was a cut developed for optimizing the striking green colour of emeralds that ranges from pale to dark, the most valuable being a dark velvety green. A flawless emerald is a rarity and most include inclusions called the Jardin (garden) of the emerald. Unlike a diamond or sapphire, emeralds are not affected by changes of light.

History tells us that Aristotle was a great fan of emeralds and he believed that an emerald worn around the neck or as a ring increased importance for the owner and improved speech and eyesight.It was seen during the Middle Ages as a symbol of fidelity and for keeping a woman chaste. The same was not believed for a man!

For Christmas and forever

As green is one of the colours associated with Christmas, giving a present of emerald jewellery is a most symbolic gift.  When looking for emerald and diamond jewellery, visit the Switzerland jewellery shop of Edellie, either online www.Edellie.com or at the EdellieGeneva jewellery boutique. You will certainly not be disappointed as you will find selections of jewels that even the fussiest person will adore.

Every girl dreams of the day when she will proudly display a diamond ring on her finger. From the time the engagement is announced, or from your wedding day, your diamond ring is worn constantly, so in reality, it does become your best friend. Once it’s on your finger, it stays put and is only taken off for cleaning.

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