When you wear fine gold jewellery you feel good about yourself. Throughout the ages, gold has always held its appeal as a means of ornamentation, revered by goldsmiths and other handcraft jewellery makers. This is due to gold being a malleable metallic element; a single ounce of the metal can be drawn into a wire five miles long, and it is not altered by heat or moisture or by any other corrosive agents.It is also the only metal that forms no oxide film on its surface in the air at normal temperatures, meaning that it will never rust or tarnish. Nor is gold susceptible to compression, so, when beaten, the surface increases without it losing any thickness. As gold is a soft metal it is mixed with other alloys to strengthen it for making jewellery, such as, silver, palladium, copper, or nickel.

Colour and Carat
Gold comes in different carats and color forms. The most frequently used carats are eighteen and fourteen. There is also the popularity of nine carat, although as the gold content is so low, many jewellery vendors do not regard nine carat as gold! The most frequently used colors of gold, are white and yellow gold. Antique, and Vintage, gold jewellery was often crafted in rose gold. The trend of having white gold is a popular choice for many people at the moment.

Jewellery made in white gold is often much more expensive due to the gold being mixed with platinum or titanium to give it a silver appearance. Wedding rings made in white gold complement the white of an accompanying diamond, more than yellow gold rings do. However, to give white gold a shiny appearance, it needs to be rhodium plated. In time rhodium plating does tend to fade, so your white gold ring will have to be replated occasionally.

Where to find an excellent array of jewels
Precious Stones, as well as semi-precious stones, are all beautifully enhanced when set in gold. In particular, rings, earrings, bracelets, and necklaces are shown to their fullest in yellow or white gold settings. When wanting to shop for gold and fine jewels, a good choice for you is to visit Edellie Jewellery online shop.