If there´s a metal that can be labeled as sweet, delicate, and extremely feminine that one is rose gold.

Rose gold was the top choice of the jewelry industry in Russia, back in the 19th century. As a matter of fact, it was also known as Russian gold. Its momentum didn´t last long and later on it became again very popular during the mid-20s and until the 50s.

Rose gold is now experiencing a new rebirth and is becoming a worldwide trend in fashion jewelry. Mira Sadi, the London-based worldwide renown jewelry brand, among other famous names, is highly accountable for this phenomenon.

But What Is Rose Gold?

Rose gold is an alloy made of gold, copper, and silver being copper the one that gives it the reddish tone. It is common to use the terms red gold, pink gold and rose gold interchangeably. However, that is a mistake since each of them have different percentages of the three listed metals which result in different tones, being rose gold the middle tone of them.

Besides its vintage and romantic appeal, rose gold has the advantages of complementing any skin tone equally and being affordable.

Although it is not as much available as other gold types yet, Mira Sadi is not only putting it on the rise as a fashionable and distinguished accessory but is also making it accessible through selected jewelry stores worldwide.

Take a look at what lovely pieces can be made of this exotic metal alloy, let them bring your romantic yet modern self out and, why not? Indulge yourself with a unique piece jewel!

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