Going back in time to life during the 16th and 17th centuries, many jewellery articles were produced in Spain by immigrant goldsmiths of varied origins. It was a period when sumptuous jewellery was the norm to wear by the Spaniards due to it’s being such a wealthy country. Jewellery pieces such as beautiful long pendant earrings were among the very popular. These were often decorated with enamelling as well as set with pearls and various gemstones.

A lot of the Spanish jewelry of that era was set with Peruvian emeralds and these were often decorated on the reverse side with engraved designs. For the less expensive earrings, there was a green paste used for resembling imitation emeralds. This gave the items an effect of being set with an emerald. Another typical styling was the Hispano-Moresque jewellery. It was much more ornate and invariably came highly decorated with filigree enamel.

Spanish religious jewellery

Members of religious orders wore badges made of gilded brass, sometimes they were also in gold, decorated with opaque enamelling on a background of white, blue, or black. Some of the badges were square others triangular, or oval. They had two sections. The central area with a religious design and a frame surrounding it with a rayed rim. The reverse side had a miniature set under a crystal.

A later type of popular Spanish jewelry during the 16th and 17th centuries was a brooch known as a Lazo. This was made of openwork gold and gemstones and crafted in the form of a bow-knot. Some of them also came with a pendant stone. The reverse side displayed floral designed engraving.

Moden Spanish style Jewellery

Today, many popular designs for jewelry items are based on Spanish styles from past eras. In particular, necklaces coming with delicate filigree designing. Toledo in Spain is an area well-known for this particular jewellery selection.
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