As the end of the year approaches, it is the time for taking out of the closet your fancy clothes and jewels. The year-end brings with it many parties and other special functions where there is the need to dress up and appear looking at your best. Looking smart is not only a necessity for women, men too require paying attention to their clothes and their items of jewellery, such as bracelets and rings, they are going to adorn themselves with as well. Popular trends at the moment for men’s jewellery are leather or gemstone bracelets, and rings, in combinations with silver or gold as seen at Edellie jewellery online shop.

Onyx Gemstone. Contrasting well together with gold gives Onyx a bold appearance. The versatility of black Onyx, in particular, makes it suitable for fashioning into jewellery for men and women. On its own Onyx is striking and when set with diamonds or dramatically set with other gems.

Onyx is a composite of silicon dioxide, and comes with a waxy to a dull luster and is opaque.  Related to other varieties of quartz and quartz types, it looks similar to black jade or black diamond and is also often mistaken as jet. It can be cut faceted or into cabochons. It can even be drilled, making it suitable for beadmaking or pendants. Onyx has a hardness of 6.5 – 7 on the Mohs scale.

During the Victorian era, Onyx was very popular for mourning jewellery, especially rings and lockets. When set in silver it contrasted dramatically for the jewellery of the Art Deco era.

Mythology and Healing Powers of Onyx. The same as with many other gemstones, Onyx, the birthstone for the zodiacal sign of Leo, is considered virtuous and a protection against black magic by some, but others believe it to be unlucky. For the wearers who believe that Onyx has healing powers, it is thought to bring inner strength, confidence, and mental discipline. It also is an aid for wound healing, ear and eye infections, and beneficial for hair, teeth, and nails. During the Roman times, the soldiers carried Onyx amulets with an engraving of Mars, their God of War, as they believed the stone had the power of giving them courage in battle.

Cleaning Onyx. Wash your Onyx jewellery carefully in soapy water, rinse well and dry with a soft cloth.