How many times have you watched and admired celebrities walking the red carpet? Haven´t you screened them from their heads down to their feet? Their awesome dresses, their hairstyles, their shoes, and their jewelry? Perhaps you do it thoroughly analyzing their looks on popular magazines. Because they know about fashion and style, and you wish to learn from them.

So, let´s talk about their jewelry picks. Their jewelry is thoroughly selected because it is what will give their look that perfect finish. Celine Dion, Halle Berry, Ines Sastre, Kate Hudson, Natalie Portman and Taylor Swift, to mention just a few are known to leave us breathless on their public appearances. And if we zoom at their jewelry picks we can immediately notice some shared concepts.

In all cases, the designs they wear are original, exquisite, and modern yet not exaggerated. They jewelry pieces are there to emphasize and complement their looks with elegance. You won´t see any of them wearing an extravagant huge choker if their dresses already have embroidered collars. You will probably see how a delicate pair of earrings gives the aesthetic balance.

One of their favourite jewelry providers is Djula, the renowned French company. Its creations stand out for the originality of the designs that combine modern trends with classic concepts. Djula uses noble materials such as gold and silver accompanied by precious stones and, of course, pearls for a more traditional style.

Similarly, the young Swiss brand Edellie, offers such type of stylish jewelry and quality, making trendy and elegant jewelry accessible to any woman willing to look and feel like a red carpet celebrity too.