(Discover the healing power of gemstones and look gorgeous while feeling great!)

Buying a new piece of jewelry is pampering us. This is something we don´t do on regular basis, so choosing a new jewelry piece is exciting. We think of how a certain piece will enhance our beauty, our style, or reflect our personality. But if, added to that, we knew that we could also improve our health, wouldn´t it be absolutely fantastic and rewarding? It can be!

Since ancient times, gemstones have been used to unlock our physical, mental, and physical blockages.

Our bodies are receptive to the vibrations of the stones and their energy. Every stone has a particular vibratory effect that helps us to achieve the energetic balance we need. There are plenty of gemstones, but let´s overview the most commonly used. Analyze yourself and choose the jewelry piece that will flatter your senses and improve your well-being!

  • Amethyst – Relieves stress, brings clarity to the mind, and repels negative energy, becoming a powerful protection.
  • Aquamarine – Clears the mind, strengthens personal power, and balances the emotions.
  • Blue Lapis – Enhances wisdom and self-confidence while attracting prosperity.
  • Citrine – Expands imagination, creativity and mental clarity. Is a stone of happiness and light.
  • Diamond– The precious stone of love, commitment, and elevated spirituality.
  • Emerald- Attracts love, abundance and compassion. Ancient Egyptians believed it helped with fertility.
  • Garnet- Enhances passion, pleasure, and energy.
  • Hematite – A protective stone that helps to remain calm under stressful times.
  • Jade– Promotes longevity, generosity, and courage
  • Lapis Lazuli – Is the stone of awareness, helps finding truth, and fosters verbal communication.
  • Onyx – Powerfully protective, it absorbs and transforms negative energy. Aids with melancholy and depression.
  • Rose Quartz– Assists with emotional healing, improves trust, and attracts love.
  • Ruby – Red ruby represents and stimulates passion, courage and life force.
  • Zircon– Helps with grounding, determination and facilitates making ideas or dreams come real.

We invite you to delight your eyes, pamper your spirit, enhance your beauty and improve your health with our ample collection of jewelry. At Edellie, you will find the perfect match for your style and well-being!