The diamond is the most adored precious stone in the world. It is a gem of extraordinary brilliance and beauty that can enchant us with its ability to receive and reflect light. It is amazing how such an exquisite small stone can also be the hardest mineral known. Added to that, its resistance and eternal durability make diamonds the ideal gemstones. However, diamonds require certain care to maintain their unique brilliance and translucency. Don´t allow neglecting spoil their magnificent beauty!

A clean diamond not only will better reflect light but will also visually seem larger than another one of the same size that has been “turned off” by body oil, soaps, cosmetic products or overall grease. Diamonds are prone to have grease adhered to them, therefore cleaning them regularly becomes mandatory, take note of the following tips:

  • Clean your diamonds using a solution of ammonia and water, or a soft detergent.
  • Avoid abrasive products that could damage the appearance of the precious metals of your jewelry piece.
  • Leave your diamond jewelry soaked in the solution all night long.
  • The following morning, use a soft brush to brush off any remaining oily substance and dirt delicately. Emphasize cleaning the posterior side, where most dirt accumulates.
  • Avoid touching your jewel, pour it into a colander. Place the colander under the cold water tap, and let water flush.
  • You can use a debris-free fabric to dry your diamond, or better put them on an absorbent paper and let them dry naturally.

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